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Here are some things people have to say about us. If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email at support@adogslifegame.com

Naomi Laeuchli - casualgamerevolution.com

“A Dog’s Life is a game that really does work across multiple age groups. It’s easy enough for kids to learn,
with a theme they are definitely going to enjoy, but offers enough strategy that adults are going to have fun with
it as well. It looks great, plays great, and you should definitely check it out”

Plumpy Thimble YouTube Channel

“The production value of this game is through the roof...It’s silly enough fun and a good enough looking game
that I was thoroughly impressed and can honestly recommend A Dog’s Life.”


"Wow, what a great game!"

Jennifer Derreck - islaythedragon.com

“A Dog’s Life is a solid game that should resonate with dog lovers, families, and people seeking a game with a
unique, approachable theme. Kids will eat it up…”

Stephen Duetzmann - engagedfamilygaming.com

“This game is fun for parents and children to play together, it has a unique and well executed theme, and is easy to learn and play”

IgKnights’s Games - iggygames.com

“Even playing with adults A Dog’s Life is enjoyable, especially for people that are not heavy into board games, and I think A Dog’s Life shines as a family game.”

Ronny Alexandero - boardgamegeek.com

“A Dog's Life was clearly made for dog lovers and families, and I'd say it's a good game for both of those groups."

Kelly - BoardGamingAtHome Youtube Channel

“It’s a good family game. It’s nice to play with the kids.”

Russ - BoardGamingAtHome Youtube Channel

“Great looking family game!”

BGNews YouTube Channel

“This is a very nice family game, I do recommend it.”

The Vitruvian Gamer YouTube channel

“Pretty cool game. I think you can play this with a lot of ages as well.”

Kristi Weyland on Peaceloveandgames.com

“This game drips with theme. It is so well formed that it truly captures the imagination and you see these dogs doing the things you’re having them do...For dog lovers, this is a perfect addition to the shelf...The immersive theme just pulls kids in and really makes for a fun children’s game.”


“Overall this game has been a hit in our house, the game is easy to learn for younger players but still has enough strategy and decision making that even the adults had a great time (even though they lost more often than not). The game is extremely well designed and the dog minis add just enough to the overall effect to make it great.”

Plumpy Thimble YouTube Channel

“The production value of this game is through the roof...It’s silly enough fun and a good enough looking game
that I was thoroughly impressed and can honestly recommend A Dog’s Life.”

Board Game Hoard - Boardgamegeek.com

“The game is already beautiful with art alone, but cohesively makes for an experience that can be enjoyed young to old. If you intend to get younger people into board gaming, this is a good starting point, and will make a good gateway, as well as a staple, for new gamers. This one is in our hoard for good.”

May Begamer - nonstoptabletop.com

“A Dog's Life is as fun as a basket of puppies for family game night. It has a theme and artwork that invites imaginative young gamers to jump right into the story. The hand-painted figures with cute dog accessories are flat-out awesome...Overall Rating: 9/10”

Richard Miles - boardgameauthority.com

“A Dog’s Life is a modern game for families that delivers on all aspects of what a family friendly game should be: it is appealing, humorous (from player interactions), easy to learn/teach, and fosters family bonding...We laughed a lot, as a family, each time we played. Whether this was from the outcome of dog fights, sending the dog catcher after others, or simple bad luck with trashcans, the game lends itself to humorous moments, which leads to family bonding moments.”

Jessica Fisher - Gameosity.com

“It’s a cute game, good for families, I like the minis and all around it’s probably going to be a good game. Who’s a good game? You’re a good game. Yes you are. Uh…ahem…”

Jonathan Nelson - Gaming Bits

“This is absolutely one of the cutest looking games that I’ve seen. My daughter and I love everything about this one. 9 out of 10.”

Giancarlo Caltabiano - Board to Death Reviews

“A Dog’s Life is a fun, quick to learn, family game with lots of tactical choices and strategy… It’s great for all levels of gamers.”

Ronan - The Game Pit

“This is a family game winner… This is a game that my family have really enjoyed and we will continue to.”

Blynken - woodenshoegames.com

““I liked playing as a dog (I liked Charlie the most) and doing dog things in the game which was a lot of fun. My favorite part was moving the dog catcher and trying to catch the other dogs. I liked how you could deliver newspapers to places on the board to get bones and food. I really, REALLY liked this game! 9/10 Stars”

Ferdinand Capitulo - The Cardboard Slacker

“It’s a really cool game, I mean, you get to be a dog. I am giving this my excellent rating.”

Chris - boardgamesandlifeaims.com

“If you live the dog life and love all things canine, and want a game for you and your kids to whittle away the hours to on a rainy Sunday afternoon, this is the game for you.”

Elias Baritone - Board, Deck & Dice Youtube Channel

“This is a good one for families.”

Unfiltered Gamer Youtube Channel

“Overall, this game is fantastic. I really really enjoyed A Dog’s Life… It has that feel where you can play with the youngest of children, the oldest of adults, and it all works very well.”

Lou - How Lou Sees it Youtube Channel

“It’s actually a pretty good game, it’s well thought out, and the theming of it is really good.”

Patrick - Just Got Played Youtube Channel

“The production value is phenomenal; they’ve got painted miniatures, they’re got a painted little dog catcher bus… It involves strategy and a good deal of blocking and that's very very cool in a game about being a dog.”